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Culinary Suit Breaks Uniform Barrier

  The hospitality industry is going through many challenges that are changing the industry today. Hospitality as a whole, along with the companies that service them have to look for more efficient ways of doing business.

Chef Uniforms have always been a challenge to wash and keep track of for the restaurant managers and the uniform rental companies .The job just doesn't get done, no matter how hard the effort put forth to control the costs of chef uniforms ! Cooks and Chefs are very transient at best, not staying in one job for long periods of time. Changing employment, sizing and theft issues combined with a chaotic atmosphere are just some of the things that can throw a uniform program into a losing proposition.

Safety issues and professionalism make the chef uniform a necessity to do business, even though some operations try their best to do with out. Many of these businesss' who try to do without, would put their employees in uniforms if they could control the process. Putting a cook /chef in street clothes is not what a patron comes to expect out of a professional food operation.

One employee may have the time, money, knowledge and equipment to clean properly, but the other ten employees may not . Creating separation from the team. So you may have one chef looking the part, but the rest of the kitchen is in stained outfits looking unprofessional. If the uniform is not taken care of or  washed properly.The life of the uniform is shortened!

All everyone really  wants is a chef uniform that is clean, controlled and ready to go. At heart, rental companies want to do a good job in a efficient manner so they can make money providing a clean  uniform. The problem is they have inherited a two piece uniform that was designed in the 1800's , which  is a nightmare at best to control .

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